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Nov. 6th, 2016

12:20 am - Just...stuff

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I just figure it's been a while, I should say something. So...Lan has been looking into getting a real job. He applied for Pizza Hut, seems he wants to be a delivery driver again. But that's not the only thing. Terry, his landscaper-boss, had Lan out turning off sprinkler systems and told Lan about a job opportunity. He said that every year he had to get an inspector from the state to inspect every sprinkler system to make sure none of the water is going back into the water supply. So Lan did all the research on it. He would have to take a week-long class that costs $295 if he goes to Kennewick, or $680 if he takes it in Auburn. Since $400 probably wouldn't cover the travel costs to take the Kennewick class, we'll have to spend more (there are more expensive classes too.) Then he has to take a test and pay for his license. He also found out that he would have to have a diploma or GED, neither of which he has. So he started taking online GED courses. I haven't seen him this motivated in a long time. He must be feeling better, hooray! Him feeling crappy and unmotivated has become normal to the point that I didn't notice it until it changed. I'm glad it has.

I've been watching a lot of My Cat from Hell. My gaydar must be off, because I thought he was gay. So I checked if he was married, and he is, to someone who is a woman. It was cute, they got married at a no kill animal shelter, with their dog for a best man and a donkey for a flower girl. He seems like a nice guy and I like his show.

*sigh* What else? I voted. For some reason, Lan's ballot came with a green postage-paid return envelope, while mine came with a red postage-due return envelope. Everything else was exactly the same, so I don't understand why they want me to pay for the priveledge of voting but not Lan. Lan had me vote for him. Mostly I just read all the things and told him what the initiatives were about. I mostly read the statement for and the statement against and if I have any questions I'll go back to the inititive. I figure that's more informed than a lot of voters (unfortunately) who just read what's on the ballot. I'll also look at things I've liked or not liked and seen who voted for/against things. So I didn't like either candidate listed for senator (which makes me sad, because Patty Murray is a big proponent of MS research funding) so I wrote in Sarah. I know she's not interested in the job, but I couldn't think of anyone who lives here that would be better at it. So if the unthinkable happens (so unthinkable that I have no clue what it could possibly be) and my ballot is drawn out of a hat to decide who our next senator is, she can blame me.

Watching Seahawks Saturday Night brings to mind my inner struggle with my fandom. I do like watching the Seahawks, but feel a bit guilty about the damage that's done to the players. I know that when they get to Seahawks level they're well paid, but most people that play football never make it that far. College level players are expected to play just as hard, and get injured just as much. Even in high school, my brother broke his ankle playing football.  He might have gotten a concussion at some point as well. They're talking tonight about how the rules have changed, how penalties are being given for the most injurious things, and that helps. I hope it helps, because it feels wrong to get entertainment from something that is permanently injuring prople.

Anyhow....GO SEAHAWKS!

P.S. I'm really glad that Rich didn't want the Chromebook. Thanks so much to my sister for offering it to me rather than sending it back. I use it almost every day. *mwah*

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