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101 goals for the next 1001 days--September 2, 2016 to ????? - The Days of MY Life

Oct. 7th, 2016

12:19 pm - 101 goals for the next 1001 days--September 2, 2016 to ?????

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Carla did this, and I've been feeling a bit aimless, so I figure setting some goals would be good for me. Some of these will be quite simple, just to give the that dopamine shot of crossing off a task.
1. Figure out when 1001 days ends.
2. Come up with 101 things I want to accomplish.
3. Clean out the back bedroom.
4. Find the cameras and get the pictures developed.
5. Watch at least 20 hours of the 2018 Olympics.
6. Clean the kitchen table and keep it clean.
7. Clean off the table by my bed.
8. Organize the pictures on the computer.
9. Scan in old photos from Lorrie's.
10. Get my music back from Nikki.
11. Fill out and submit paperwork for UWMC.
12. Fill out and submit paperwork for VMC.
13. Fix Saturn.
14. Get tree out front removed.
15. Fence in back yard.
16. Learn how to make cheese.
17. Organize towel closet.
18. Re-read Little House books.
19. Send letters to Damian.
20. Become a foster parent.
21. Get rid of toenail fungus.
22. Clean out desks.
23. Recycle magazines.
24. Clear out attic.
25. Insulate attic.
26. Research garden tub. *will it fit?
27. Learn how to make creme brulee.
28. Figure out the language CDs.
29. Organize dishes.
30. Organize canned foods.
31. Organize pans.
32. See Carla.
33. Volunteer at Valhalla twice a week.
34. Learn how to play "Candle on the Water"
35. Figure out how to record karaoke with my web cam.
36. Improve singing ability
37. Figure out a way to communicate better with my sister
38. Get in touch with Vickie Smith
39. Get in touch with Brad Craven
40. Get calendar started by my birthday
41. Contact Dacia about pictures
42. Send t-shirt to Dad
43. Finish writing about NZ trip
44. Send picture to Dad
45. Grow asparagus
46. Make samosas--are they worth the work?
47. Hang bags of lightbulbs
48. Get plate back from Kelley
49. Go to a play with Jessica
50. Make mayonnaisse
51. Make ice cream
52. Study European geography
53. Study Asian geography
54. Study South American geography
55. Study Canadian/Mexican geography
56. Study Central American geography
57. Study South Pacific geography
58. Show Lan how I feel through actions
59. Plant seeds from school
60. Plant Marlece's mix
61. Grow artichokes
62. Go swimming once a month
63. Figure out how to grow cilantro
64. Walk to and from school once a month
65. Clean 'fridge.
66. Clean oven.
67. Clean under 'fridge.
68. Clean under oven.
69. Have a 69 with Lan.
70. Go one week without sugar.
71. Go one week without soda
72. Organize music.
73. Write more porn
74. Get prophet shoes
75. Get nephew tattoo
76. Redo wedding ring
77. Clean inside of car windows
78. Get video tape converted to other media
79. Hang out with CherylAnne more
80. Go visit Judis
81. Get a license for Kirby
82. Get info on Kirby's chip changed
83. Paint nails Seahawks colors and maintain it through the season
84. Update Lan's Medicaid
85. Try to get Medicaid
86. Make peanut chicken with Amy
87. Go through message in voicemail box
88. Get Pat's address to Jessicca
89. Organize mail
90. Wrap up cords
91. Organize plastic drawers in bedroom
92. Get 'Little House on the Prairie'
93. Figure out which smoke detector's battery is bad and replace it
94. Get passports
95. Go to the Philippenes
96. Find the recipe for creamy tortellini sausage soup and make it
97. Clean out Mortomer
98. Clean out Ruby
99. Clean Winnie

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